DDNS is the acronym for Dynamic Domain Name Service. This allows the user to view their DVR remotely without having to bear the expense of a Static IP address. Even though the user has a Dynamic IP address that changes constantly the user will be able to log in and view their DVR by simply typing the address set up in the DDNS server. The QIV and PIV units are able to “self configure” a DDNS account through a feature called “EZ DDNS”. When the user uses this feature they can create a DDNS account at the touch of a button. For instance DVR_00b407.DDNS.IVIEW-DDNS.com will connect you to our QIV Demo box. On the CY and 57 series you need to first go to the web site of either DYNDDNS.ORG or NO-IP.com and create a user account. Then you put the information for that account into the network page of the DVR and it will then update those servers.