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RMA Policy

Online RMA Request

Firmware Upgrade Request

IDView Warranty Letter


We are pleased to announce a new way of completing RMA’s. Please make sure that your dealers call in and troubleshoot with IDView before returning equipment to you. When the dealer calls in please inform them they will need to provide us with your address and phone number located on the account so that we may notate the troubleshooting has been completed. This allows us to assist you in getting your equipment in a much timelier manner. Thanks for you cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. Our only wish is to streamline this process and improve our customer care


Returns and Repairs Returns

CompuLan Center, dba Digital IDView, warranties our products to be free of defect, when used in the manner as intended. This warranty is non-transferable and extends only to the original buyer or the end user of an authorized Digital IDView reseller.

This warranty does not apply to replacements or repairs necessitated by reasons that are beyond the control of Digital IDView, including but not limited to, acts of nature, improper installation, excess moisture, misuse, lack of proper maintenance, accidents, voltage fluctuations, or any unauthorized tampering, repairs, or modifications. The warranty becomes void in the event of stated reasons, as well as alteration, defacement, or removal of serial numbers.

RMA/Warranty Policy

Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

COMPULAN CENTER warrants our products, other than the hard drives, as stated below.

A). Conditions of COMPULAN CENTER. Limited Warranty

COMPULAN CENTER Products are warranted to be free of defects in parts and workmanship at the time of purchase by the original owner. COMPULAN CENTER will not be liable for any breach arising out of any modification or attempted modification by distributors, dealers or end users. If this product is found to be defective, COMPULAN CENTER will repair the product at no charge to the original owner for a period of one year on “Economy” cameras and three years on all other cameras. A 90-day “over the counter exchange” for cameras is also available through participating distributor locations. Our standalone DVR, NVR are backed with a three year warranty, including the hard drive. The PC servers and WIFI Kits are backed with a one-year warranty(Eff. 10/01/16). A 90-day over the counter exchange is offered at participating distributors for Stand-Alone DVR/NVR.

COMPULAN CENTER will provide labor for the repair or replacement of parts for the above stated warranty period but are subject to the following conditions:

Owner must provide verification of the date of purchase when requesting Limited Warranty Service (Dated Sales Receipt or Invoices required).

All repairs must be performed at a COMPULAN CENTER authorized Service Facility. All products to be serviced must be shipped to COMPULAN CENTER freight prepaid. COMPULAN CENTER will pay for return shipping to locations in the 48 contiguous United States of America only. Products shipped outside of the 48 contiguous states or outside the continental USA will be charged return shipping. The CompuLan Center reserves the right to substitute factory refurbished parts and/or factory refurbished product to finalize repairs, if needed.

B). This limited warranty provided COMPULAN CENTER does not cover:

Products which have been subject to abuse, accident, modification (with the exception of authorized HDD upgrade), tampering, negligence, misuse, lack of reasonable care or if repaired or serviced by any other than a service facility authorized by COMPULAN CENTER, or if the model or serial number has been altered, tampered with, defaced or removed, as well as damage due to acts of God or damage that occurs in shipment.

C). Returns and Repairs Returns

All merchandise returned for any reason must have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Out of warranty products should be accompanied by a written purchase order for new units to be shipped to you. To expedite the RMA processing, please use our web site to initiate the RMA request. Please allow one working day for our engineer to return your call and trouble shoots your problems. If our engineer cannot resolve your issues over the phone, he or she will issue an RMA number to you to send back the unit.

All products returned must have the RMA number plainly marked on the outside of the shipping carton (but not on the original packaging). If you mark the RMA number on the original packaging or there is no RMA number marked, we will return the RMA to the sender unopened.

All Product returned to COMPULAN CENTER must be freight prepaid.

Products returned for service under warranty are returned to the sender freight prepaid via regular FED-EX/UPS. If faster shipping service is requested, the sender will be accountable for all costs of the expedited shipping service requested. Expedited shipping must be approved with a written purchase order. POs and credit card authorization must be received before any shipment can be expedited.

No merchandise can be returned for credit (valued at the most current price) over 30 days. RAM and computer parts cannot be returned for credit. Each credit return is considered on a case-by-case basis depending on date of purchase and the warranty coverage.

Restock fees for product returned damaged or not contain original packaging, accessories, and manual, would be an amount of up to 50% of purchase price.

Spare units, if needed, are the responsibility of the distributors, dealers or end users.

**Effective: June 14, 2016 – Should IDView receive a returned RMA, deemed as a “Defected Unit” and find there is no issues with the unit, the customer will be responsible for the Freight charges at that point., moving forward. .

D). Advance Replacement

Advance replacement is to be provided on the case by case basis based on the consultation with our engineers. To initiate the advance replacement, you will need to go to our web site and initiate an RMA request. Our engineer will call and help you resolve the issue over the phone. If an advance replacement is authorized, our engineer will provide you with an advance replacement authorization number. Any advance replacement request needs to be accompanied by a purchase order and a credit card authorization form. If within two weeks, we do not receive the return of the advance unit, we reserve the right to charge your credit card. Once we receive the returned advance unit, we will trouble shoot it and if the unit was defect free, we will send the unit back to you and charge you for the cost of the new unit and the shipment of the old unit back to you.

**Effective: June 14, 2016 – IDVIEW will pay for freight to ship the Advance Replacement by way of ground shipping. However, should we receive the “Defected Unit” and find there are no issues with the unit, the Freight Charges for the Advance Replacement along with a 20% restocking fee will be responsibility of the customer. If any other freight is requested, it will be done at the customer’s expense.

E). RMA return and Hold Policy

* Please follow Compulan’s warranty and return policy to return a product. To expedite the RMA processing, please use our web site to initiate the RMA request.

* CompuLan Center, Inc. will refuse any unauthorized return. Please make sure that all RMAs have RMA number clearly marked on the shipping label and on the box.

* All RMA numbers provided are valid for 15 days.

* No dollar credit will be given if return after purchase for more than 30 days. Any return made for in store credit must have:

a) A copy of the original Invoice
b) All original accessories
c) No damages to the unit, including cosmetics/ mechanical.
d) No markings on original box of item or item it self.
e) HDD Size/ Serial number/s are consistent with original invoice.

The ninety (90) day RMA hold policy:

CompuLan is willing to allow the RMA unit shipped back to us to be in storage here for 90 days to allow the owner or the dealer to make a decision whether they want to repair it or not. If we receive no response from the owner after 90 days, the RMA items will be scraped.