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Become Cyber Warriors
Change Password Frequently
Change Port Immediately
   Never Place Devices Online Without Changing The Password   
Cybersecurity requires a constant, proactive approach
Red Alert:

Digital IDView takes reports of cybersecurity flaws very seriously. We encourage installers, dealers, and end users to report any suspected flaws immediately. When we receive a report at Digital IDView, the first thing done is to work with our team to identify the problem and find solutions right away.

Digital IDView does not interpret the report of a cybersecurity problem as a negative reflection of our products. Our goal is to continue to identify and address any cybersecurity issue with vigilance and speed, regardless of the source. We believe by doing this, we can defend and enhance cyber security for our industry, as a whole.

We would like to take this opportunity to issue a red alert to remind our customers to never place IP devices on the internet without first changing port, user name, and password. In order to strengthen the process:
1) We will work with our R&D team to change the device interface to allow it to flash weak passwords entered.
2) We will define toughened standards on factory defaults and factory resets, moving forward.
To take a step further, we intend to make the necessary communications to reiterate the best practices for avoiding cybersecurity breaches including changing port, user name, and password before making the device hot.

Additionally, Digital IDView is in the process of reviewing its own internal processes to determine what additional steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate any weakness to safeguard cybersecurity.

For all IP devices that we are currently selling, we will engage a third party firm to conduct best practice evaluation of our process and to help us identify any vulnerability. We have created a page on our web site, called “Cybersecurity” where we will include progress report, suggestions and procedures for the heightened security measures. In the coming weeks, you should be able to see on our web site, disclosures by our supply chain in references to their cybersecurity enhancement measures as well.
Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
Helpful tools to manage your passwords

There are free tools that will help you manage passwords. More prevalent ones such as 1Password or LastPass are available for you to try. Below is a helpful link of “The Best Free Password Managers of 2017” for you to choose from:,2817,2475964,00.asp

Please remember to never place any devices on internet without changing pass words, port, and user names.

Let us stay vigilant.